Seminars For Cleaning Professionals

Stone Masonry and Ceramic Tile - IICRC Basic Skills Course (ASC)

Commercial and Residential

4 hour program (Expandable to 6 or 8 hours)

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This is a technical hands on how to workshop, not a sales presentation

Come prepared and dressed to participate and learn by doing.

Topical Outline

  • Welcome and Indroduction
  • Overview
    • Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration
  • Stone, Masonry and Cleay Tile Identification
    • Basic categories and how stone types impact services
  • Break
  • Stone, Masonry & Ceramic Tile Care Procedures
    • The Basics
    • Dry Soil Removal
    • Wet Soil Removal
    • Prevention
    • Stone
    • Ceramic Tile
    • Concrete and Terrazzo
    • Clean
    • Grind
    • Hone
    • Polish
    • Sealing Stone, Tile and Grout
    • Spot and Stain Removal
    • Daily/Routine Tasks (cleaning)
    • Periodic Tasks (maintenance)
    • Restorative Tasks
  • Developing a comprehensive stone care program for your facility
  • Questions, Answers and Discussion
  • Basic Skills Exam (75% or better to Pass) - $25.00 exam fee paid to IICRC per student.
  • Certificates, Congratulations and Collect Evaluation
  • Lunch (Optional)
  • End

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