Seminars For Cleaning Professionals

Commmercial Carpet Maintenance Technician Seminar (CCMT), IICRC Certification Course

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This two-day comprehensive "Hands-on" course provides each attendee with the latest information regarding the procedures, chemicals and equipment needed to clean, remove spots, repair, maintain and restore all common types of carpeting found in commercial and residential properties. The course reviews carpet manufacturing, construction, style, fiber characteristics and installation techniques and how these issues impact cleaning and maintenance results.

All commercially viable carpet and rug cleaning methods (wet, dry and low moisture) will be discussed, shown and used during the course. This is a "Hands-on" course where students learn by doing. Attendees should come prepared and dressed to actually use the chemicals, processes and equipment used by industry professional on the job each day. The course ends with a discussion of how to plan, set up and maintain a carpet cleaning and maintenance program in any type and size of facility or business.

Seminar Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Industry and Historical Overview
    2. Factors affecting cleaning
    3. Commercial and Residential Cleaning
    4. Advantages and disadvantages
    5. Costs and productivity
  2. Cleaning Processes
    1. Wet
    2. Dry
    3. Low Moisture
    4. Other
  3. Systems Approach to Cleaning
    1. Manufacture
    2. Installation
    3. Prevention
    4. Vacuuming
    5. Repair
    6. Spotting
    7. Cleaning
    8. Finishing
    9. Crew Procedures
    10. Equipment Care
  4. Systems Approach to Chemicals and Equipment
    1. Supply Sources
    2. Local, Internet, Catalogue
    3. Compatibility, Engineering and Design
  5. Spot and Stain Removal
    1. The Basics
    2. Chemicals
    3. Permanent Damage
    4. Urine
    5. Other Specialized Spots
  1. Safety
    1. Chemical
    2. IAQ/Indoor Environmental Quality
    3. Equipment
    4. Slip, Trip and Fall
    5. PPE
    6. MSDS
    7. Reporting
  2. Soil and Cleaning Theory
  3. Carpet Color and Dying
    1. Spot
    2. Full Room
    3. Side Match
  4. Installation and Repair Basics
  5. Managing the Cleaning Function
    1. In-House Operations
    2. Commercial Services
    3. Residential Services
  6. Deodorization Basics
  7. Water Damage Restoration Basics
  8. Industry Resources
    1. Consultants
    2. Books and Manuals
    3. Magazines and Newsletters
    4. Internet (Chats, forums and blogs)
    5. Certification
    6. Associations
    7. Education
  9. Industry Trends
    1. Green Sustainable
    2. Recycling
    3. Low Moisture
  10. Opportunity and Advancement
    1. Specialties and Diversification
  11. Technician, Supervisor, Manager and Owner

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