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House Cleaning Technician (HCT), IICRC Certification Course

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Customers want to feel safe. They want to know they made a good choice. The IICRC HCT Course is unlike any other professional training because students acquire a body of knowledge based on science and peer reviewed content. The curriculum was developed and reviewed by microbiologists, public health experts, medical experts, research scientists and professors, and professional housecleaners. The collaboration created robust, rich body of knowledge that makes the IICRC HCT Program the benchmark standard certification in the residential cleaning industry. It is regularly updated to provide the latest information.

House Cleaning Technician (HCT) Seminar Outline

  • The Role of a Certified House Cleaning Technician
    • Care, Custody, and Control - What is it? Why it matters.
    • What defines the term Professional?
    • Definition of "Cleaning" and "Clean"
    • Soil and contaminants - The impact, threat and types
  • The Science of Cleaning
    • Chemistry of Cleaning, pH scale, Solvents, Sanitizers
    • How Chemicals, Heat, Agitation and Time work together
    • Green Cleaning
  • Materials and Surfaces
    • Natural Stone, wood, clay tile, concrete and finishes on these surfaces
    • Vinyl, carpet, glass, stainless, and more
  • Contents and Furnishings
    • Textiles including upholstery and rugs, drapes and window treatments
    • Case goods and furniture finishes, appliances, electronics, collectibles
  • Methods and Productivity
    • Ergonomics, repetitive motions, and posture
    • The value of time
    • Best Practices - What are they and why it matters
    • The correct tools, organization, and systems
    • Important terms such as SOP, SOW and how they are different
  • Tools and Equipment
    • Aprons, brushes, scrapers and vacuum cleaners
    • Steam machines
    • Pumice stone to spray bottles
    • What's in your bucket?
  • Safety
    • Slip/fall hazards, Security, ladder and electrical
    • Blood-borne pathogens, volatile chemicals, SDS, GHS
    • Working as a team
    • Hazard Communications
  • Health
    • COVID-19
    • Microbes and pathogens
    • Hygienic cleaning, breaking the chain of infection and hand-washing
  • Appearance
    • How appearance affects performance
    • Organizational skills for success
    • How appearance determines value
  • Environment
    • What is the environment?
    • How does it affect us?
    • Who regulates it?
    • Who is responsible?

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